New Designs for Asynchronous Online Discussion for e-Learning in Higher Education

(MSc thesis paper, 2011, english / pdf)

my Master’s thesis paper at Media & Computer Science, Vienna UT, accompanying my thesis project discuss

Not A Dance, a gesture-based audio game

(MPS thesis paper, 2011, english / pdf)

my Masters’s thesis paper at ITP, NYU, accompanying my thesis project Not a Dance

Physics Simulation in Games

(BSc thesis paper, 2009, english / pdf)

my Bachelor’s thesis paper (formally a seminar paper) at Media & Comp. Sci., Vienna UT, on the theory and practice of designing physics simulation in digital games.

recent talks

  • Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy Workshops at QUT, Brisbane, Australia, March & June 2016
  • SWITCH Workshop, QUT, Brisbane, Australia, June 2016
  • Connecting Cities Symposium at Ars Electronica Festival 2014
  • Connecting Cities - LinzerSchnitte Workshop at iMal, Brussels, 2014
  • DOK Leipzig Inspiration Talk & Mentoring, 2014