An Ars Electronica Futurelab Project. Role: Program Coordinator and (in many cases) Mentor.

Academic Outreach

The Futurelab Academy is a framework for collaborations between the Ars Electronica Futurelab’s research activity and university programmes in media art, interaction design and similar fields.

The typical format is this: Futurelab researchers mentor students by providing inspiration, conceptual feedback, and technical advice, during visits to the university and via videoconferencing. At the end of the mentoring period (usually 1-2 semesters), the best student projects are exhibited at the Ars Electronica Festival.

In other formats, students visit the Futurelab for various lengths of time, working with researchers in one-on-one project mentoring or attending workshops and lectures.

Recent Collaborations

  • 2016: Queensland University of Technology
  • 2015: University of Tsukuba
  • 2015: Hong Kong Design Institute
  • 2014: Queensland University of Technology